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My son has struggled with math such as word problems, multi-step problems, lack of confidence, etc. It has been difficult for him to stay focused and motivated. What methods do you use in your program, and what type of learning tools do you use? How many children do you have in the class? ~ Elisabeth P

Hi Elisabeth. Thank you for your question. This program is centered around building a child’s self-confidence in math! We do this by teaching kids how to solve math problems using an abacus. This is a fun, kinesthetic approach to learning that kids enjoy. The abacus is the basis for learning ‘anzan’ or doing math in your mind. Kids will be amazed at how much math they can do mentally, and it helps them become problem solvers. We teach at the child’s pace and attention level, building towards greater independence and increased focus over time. We incorporate math games and word problems to keep children engaged! Zoom classes are instructor led, with 5 to 7 students per class.


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