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Arabic language/personal journey

I love it when I meet people that are so eager to learn the Arabic language. Usually, their native language is other than Arabic, yet they are so eager to learn, so dedicated and believe that they could actually learn Arabic if they take it one step at a time. However, when I speak to those whose first language is Arabic that are interested in having their children pick up the language, I’m usually stunned to hear how pessimistic they are towards the Arabic language. Most of them believe that not only is Arabic difficult but also a boring language too. The unfortunate part is when some even justify their child’s unenthusiastic attitude towards learning the Arabic language.

As much as this was unfortunate, this perception and negative connotation is one of the reasons that frequently ring in my mind when I’m teaching Arabic or simply having a conversation about learning or teaching the Arabic language. Hence, it has become my passion and my mission to show and not simply tell that Arabic is possible to learn with patience, persistence and commitment.

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